Online Computer Repair – How it Works With Look At My PC

Getting your computer fixed over the internet is easy! If you’re not sure of any step during the initial process, you may contact us via: Chat, Phone, or Email.

Here’s What Happens During a Remote Support Session

As long as you have an internet connection, we can fix your computer issues and perform our other remote technical support services. After you sign up and purchase a service, you may log into the members area.

Remote Support Connection

  1. Download and install our remote support software program.
  2. Contact one of our trained Look At My PC remote technical experts.
  3. Open and run the Look At My PC remote program on your desktop.
  4. When you run the program, it will allow our technical expert to view your computer desktop remotely.

A Look At My PC technical expert will remotely perform the technical services required to resolve your computer issues. We will be able to do everything remotely that can be done as if we were physically sitting in front of your computer.



Secure Icon How Safe Is Using Look At My PC Service?

The remote connection… made between your computer and a Look At My PC technical expert’s computer is made possible using a highly secure 256 bit encrypted protocol. It is nearly impossible for someone to break into the connection.

You See Everything – You will be able to watch everything we do the entire time. Of course, you’re not required to stay at your computer if you don’t wish to.

You are in control… the entire time. If at any time during a session, you wish to disconnect, you may do so by closing the program. A Look At My PC technical expert can only access your computer remotely when you run the Look At My PC program. Simply put… if the program is not running, our staff will not be able to access your computer.

Benefits of Receiving Remote Support

  • Save Gas Money – No Need to break down your computer and take it across town to a computer repair shop.
  • Save Time – Get Help NOW! No need to wait days or even weeks after dropping your computer off at a repair shop.
  • Greater Peace of Mind – Never worry about bringing strangers into your business or home.


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